Carlos Hernandez Calderoni - Master Herbalist

Carlos was raised on the Texas-Mexican border in Brownsville, Texas by his grandfather, Don Jose Calderoni, a European trained Apothecary and owner  of  the oldest pharmacy on the border, La Botica Calderoni.  It was by his grandfather's side that young Carlos was nurtured in the herbal traditions and where Carlos learned the processes for making extracts from plants.

Carlos enrolled in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Texas at the are of seventeen.  He had the honor of studying under Dr. Henry Burlage, the highly respected pharmaceutical historian.  While Dr. Burlage was a wonderful professor from whom Carlos learned a lot, he was disillusioned with the direction that the pharmaceutical industry had taken and decided to pursue a degree in Business Administration with a second major in the Romance Languages, graduating with honors in 1967. 

After graduating Carlos realigned himself with his passion for natural therapies during the renaissance of the late sixties and returned to botanical medicine.  Following his desire to continue to learn and study he traveled extensively in his native country of Mexico from 1968 until 1980.  Carlos' depth of knowledge and processes grew having studied with numerous curanderos (healers) and folk herbalists. 

In 1980, Carlos apprenticed with ethno-botanist Jared Gann at Herbs Etcetera in Austin, Texas where he met the remarkable Master Herbalist and author Michael Moore.  Mr. Moore was so impressed with Carlos that he offered him a full working scholarship at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The working apprenticeship with Michael Moore was a privilege and monumental learning experience worthy of Carlos' lifelong gratitude for the phenomenal opportunity.

In 1986 Carlos returned to Austin, Texas, as the resident Herbalist with the Austin Wellness Center.  In 1987, using his education in Business Administration, Carlos found the Austin Health Associates an alternative health center where he practiced Clinical Herbology and Nutritional Consultation. 

After exiting Austin Health Associates , Carlos founded and presently operates Biostar Botanicals, a family business dedicated to producing high quality therapeutic herbal remedies. Carlos' highly sought after formulas are the culmination of a lifetime of knowledge and customer feedback including customers such as People's Rx based in Austin.